Stories We Carry

"People become the stories they hear

and the stories they tell."

~Eli Wiesel

I find that I'm getting stories stuck in my head that are profoundly pissing me offstories about people whose greed and self-involvement have dropped-kicked the whole world into this enormous economic downturn. I've been focused on telling real heroes' stories for decades now, so if even I'm getting pulled into those infuriating stories, you may be too. If Wiesel is right, that puts us in danger of becoming like people we don't want to be. Uh oh.

OK, I have to say, I think Wiesel (whose writing is wonderful) is only right in one directionhearing and telling the stories of people we admire can help us become like themthat's the whole point of Giraffe stories. But I don't think hearing about CEOs cashing in on taxpayer bailouts is going to make you or me act like them. Sorry to disagree, Eli.

Nevertheless, it's good to go to the well and remind ourselves of the wonder of humans doing fine things for each other and for the world. Wander through the stories that are up on the Giraffe website. Know that more are coming. There are over a thousand entries in the new database we're working on. That many more stories to hear, to tell, to become. We're working on itwriting, editing, finding photos, and feeding it all into a state-of-the-art database designed by Giraffe webmaster Karyn Watkins. I'll let you know as soon as it goes live.


A Story of Re-Making A Life

With so many people losing their places in the economy, this story comes to mind ~

Giraffe Ray Castellani lost everything he hadhis work as a movie and television "bad guy," his home, his family. It wasn't a recession that took it all, it was his addiction to alcohol.

"When he finally sobered up, instead of trying to get back the comfortable life he once had, he went to work helping the people with whom he had once shared the streets." Read more.

Castellani's Frontline Foundation is approaching a million meals delivered, with loveand no questions asked.

Giraffes And The Air Force

Project President John Graham speaks to the cadets at the Air Force Academy this week, bringing the Giraffe message of courageous compassion to these future warriors. It's Graham's second visit to this Academy. He's also spoken at Annapolis. No invitation from West Pointyet. If your organization needs a rousing speaker, consider Graham. His message is pure Giraffe and his honorariums help us keep the lights on at the Project.

Learning the Art of Thrift

Here are some lines from "Learning the Art of Thrift," my most recent blog at the Huffington Post:

"There are rough times ahead, and the Prime Directive is to help each other through. But learning the art of thrift can get us through the small stuff. And so much of it is, in the big picture, small stuff."

Click here to read the whole piece. And do leave a Comment--you're an important part of this conversation.


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