Giraffe Heroes International (GHI) takes the vision, strategies and materials developed by the Giraffe Heroes Project over the last 30 years to countries where that inspiration and know-how can make a critical difference, helping people solve the problems that challenge their nations and their lives. GHI gives global partners a tested template for finding their country’s heroes and getting their stories known, inspiring other citizens to help take on public problems. Those heroes might be combating corruption, easing poverty or disease, ending conflicts, protecting the environment, advocating for women’s rights ... All of them are “sticking their necks out” for the common good.

GHI speeches and trainings offer inspiration and practical tools for building ethical and competent leadership, resolving conflicts and solving public problems.

GHI provides civic engagement and service-learning programs for schools and youth organizations, helping kids build lives of courageous and compassionate service.

To date, GHI has established affiliates in India, Nepal, Sierra Leone, Egypt, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Singapore. Ukraine and Ghana are next.

In addition to forming global partnerships, GHI has been engaged in significant peacebuilding initiatives in Nigeria,, Israel/Palestine, Ukraine and within the Muslim community in the UK.

GHI is also eyes and ears, and Director John Graham's investigative reporting sheds new light on difficult places, such as Tibet.

Recent Giraffe Hero Commendations from Our Partners Abroad


Your brave but self-less acts of utilizing the RTI Act, for public good and sticking your neck out despite innumerable challenges has made/is making, we feel a significant impact on the governance of our various organisations


Beatrice Savadye is a 27 year old human rights activists and current Director for Real Open Opportunities for Transformation Support (ROOTS) an organization working to promote social and economic justice for young people in Zimbabwe.

Beatrice comes from a humble background where she had to pan for gold at Kitsiyatota and would be a street vendor after school and during school holidays so as to able to raise school fees. This is what...


With this Commendation, we salute your brave but self-less acts of combating domestic violence prevalent in the society, providing shelters to victims of the same, rescuing abandoned women and kids who were/are victims of trafficking.


For more than 10 years now, 82 year old Lilian Ndaro opened her very humble home in Subukia for orphans, vulnerable and needy children. Many lives have been transformed through the hands of Lilian. Despite the fact that she is elderly, has health challenges and doesn’t have any source of income and depends on her family members and well wishers to support her, Lilian has never given up on brightening the lives of the young ones.



Zimbabwe has not been spared challenges that other African countries have faced. Once a glorious bread basket of Africa, Zimbabwe has suffered economic, social and political instability for the past two decades, leaving the majority of the ordinary people vulnerable. Government operations like Operation Restore Order (May 2005), destroyed backyard cabins and shacks which were shelter to many as well as small markets for vendors. Many urban...


Global Partner Organizations

Global Peacebuilding Initiatives

Nigeria ›

Building Bridges in a Divided State more

UK ›

Dealing with Muslim / Non-Muslim Tensions in Great Britain more

Ukraine ›

Creating a Just and Peaceful Ukraine: Why There is Hope more

Israel/Palestine ›

GHI Director John Graham has for fifteen years been active in quiet efforts to build bridges. more

Investigative Reporting

Tibet ›

Chinese actions are nothing less than cultural genocide. more

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