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The US -- and the world -- needs people who can and will stick their necks out for the common good. For thirty years, the Giraffe Heroes Project has been the pioneer in finding and honoring such people, and telling their stories to inspire others to follow their lead in taking action on tough public problems.

We also provide the tools needed to step into action and be effective. These tools include civic engagement curricula for kids in schools and youth organizations, leadership training workshops, books, articles, blogs, a website and online trainings.

Since 1984, we have commended over 1300 Giraffe Heroes and reached hundreds of classrooms around the globe with our message of courage.


Your donation can help us:

  • Find and tell the stories of real people sticking their necks out (Giraffes)
  • Create and distribute materials for classrooms K-12
  • Amplify our message about courageous, compassionate service through workshops, blogs, trainings, and OpEds

We want you with us, supporting this work. Help us support today's heroes, and enCourage tomorrow's. As long as there are Giraffes, there's hope.

The Giraffe Heroes Project is an Accredited Charity of the Better Business Bureau. The Project meets all 20 of the BBB's strict Standards for Charity Accountability.

Guidestar is another gold-plated reference:

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