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Sierra Leone is a country the size of Iowa on the bulge of West Africa. It’s a potentially rich country, but it’s been impoverished first, by a brutal eleven-year civil war that ended in 2002—think child soldiers and Blood Diamonds. The war killed thousands of people and decimated the country's already shaky infrastructure.

As if that wasn’t enough—in 2014-15. Sierra Leone was hard hit by the Ebola epidemic that killed thousands and left many more people discouraged, apathetic and fearful.

In addition to financial resources, Sierra Leone needs a lot of inspiration, hope and guidance.

Giraffe Heroes Sierra Leone (GH-SL),an NGO launched in 2011, helps the citizens of Sierra Leone provide all three.

GH-SL uses both traditional and social media to tell Sierra Leoneans the stories of their own heroes working for peace and combating disease. These stories inspire many more people to act with courage and persistence to advance their country's future. GH-SL also offers trainings in effective citizen action to people traumatized by the war and now by Ebola. For a relatively low cost, GH-SL can help them regain their footing, renew their hope and help solve the enormous problems the country faces such as poverty, corruption and political violence.

GH-SL is an independent , Sierra Leonean-run affiliate of Giraffe Heroes International, an American NGO started in 1982. GHI Director John Graham spent eight days in the country in May, 2011 and came away impressed not just with the enormous tasks of governance and development at hand, but also with the longing of the people he met—from political leaders in Freetown to war victims in small camps upcountry—to heal the country's wounds and restart development work.

Everywhere in Sierra Leone, billboards proclaim “Na wi country,” which is translated not just as “This is our country” but “This is OUR country.” The signs are symbols of a national pride rooted in the common good and a positive vision of the future that just might finally produce the stability and well-being that have long been promised but never delivered. It’s as if the whole country has discovered that building a safe, fair and prosperous nation can’t succeed unless they build it together.

GH-SL was launched in collaboration with the B-Gifted Foundation, led by Andrew Greene, which focuses on war victims, women's issues and the environment. As the devastation of Ebola eased, GH-SL began honoring its first Giraffe Heroes in 2015 (see below).

Do you know the story of a Sierra Leonean man, woman or youth who is “sticking her or his neck out” to make a difference for their country?

If you do, contact GH-SL Director Ibrahim Kamara. His numbers are:

Tel:# 00232 - 78 - 361752; 00232 - 33 - 361752;

00232 - 77 - 361752


John Graham at war victims camp, Makeni, Sierra Leone. To compound the misery here, Makeni has been at the epicenter of the recent Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone.


A Welcome from the Director

Success Ibrahim Sei Kamara is my name and I’m the Country Director for Giraffe Heroes Sierra Leone (GHSL). Before my appointment, I worked as communications and development Officer at the B-Gifted Foundation SL and the Gondobay Manga Foundation. I hold a B.A Hons in Mass Communications from Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone and a number of certificates and recognitions in the journalism field, where I’ve made active contributions on key social issues including Ebola and gender-based violence. You can find a fuller account of my background here.

The mission of GHSL is to find and tell the stories of people who “stick their necks” out to make Sierra Leone a better place and to give then tools to succeed. When we broadcast these stories over traditional and social media, other citizens are inspired to take action too. This story-telling strategy is simple—but it’s worked in every culture for thousands of years. and it works here too.

Most of the Giraffe Heroes GHSL honors are social, democratic and economic rights activists. All are standing up against injustice, backwardness, and utter violations of people’s rights. All are doing something positive for the community. You can read their stories below.

We have just started. There are many more Giraffe Heroes in Sierra Leone, working bravely to combat the effects of war, poverty, corruption and Ebola. Now their stories need to be told to the nation so they can inspire all of us to renew our hope and inspire us to step forward to help meet the severe challenges our country faces.

Help GHSL find these “silent heroes” who have contributed so much and who can inspire present and future generations through their work.

Do you know of a fellow Sierra Leonean—man or woman, young or old, from any tribal, economic, political, social, religious or professional background, who is acting bravely to help solve one of our country’s pressing problems? Those problems, well known to all of us, include poverty, poor infrastructure, mismanagement, corruption, arrant violations of democratic tenets and the mammoth challenges in almost every sphere of the country’s economy.

If you do, email the information to me at Success Ibrahim Sei Kamara ‘’ or on skype “successilicious22231”

Thanks for getting in touch!

Giraffe Heroes Sierra Leone, as all other Giraffe Heroes programs around the globe, will not take sides with any one political party or ethnic group. Rather, it will find and celebrate the work of those citizens whose lives rise above party, ethnicity and class—people whose work is dedicated to the betterment of the lives of all the people in the country, from all parties and all groups.d.

As nominations for more Giraffe Heroes are received, a broad-based bench of citizens will select which candidates fully meet the main criterion for being a Giraffe Hero—spirited action that serves the common good. Those candidates selected as Giraffe Heroes will have their stories told throughout the nation in newspapers and magazines and on the web, and over television, radio and social media. Each story will end with a call for more nominations.

As GHSL grows and more and more Sierra Leoneans learn about it, we will initiate training and mentoring programs in civic action, including a curriculum helping young people from elementary through university age gain the inspiration and skills to build lives as brave and kind-hearted citizens.

Every effort will be made to convince our country’s leaders that Giraffe Heroes Sierra Leone serves them as well as the entire country. It is in the interest of all political parties to support Giraffe Heroes Sierra Leone as a powerful means for harnessing the problem-solving ideals and efforts of every citizen.

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Giraffe Hero Dr. Major Komba Songu-M'briwa has just been honored and promoted by the Government of Sierra Leone for his bravery during the recent Ebola outbreak.

Giraffe Heroes in 2017


Gibril Gottor ›

Gibril Gottor is a Sierra Leone journalist who has continually suffered slander, threats, and arrests, as well as assaults so brutal that he has had to be hospitalized at least twice. Gottor contributes reports on the radio and in print, focusing on government corruption and military malfeasance. More


Mama Jalloh ›

Mamaja Jalloh (aka DJ Base) is a popular radio disc jockey in Sierra Leone who’s worked for years to make people aware of core issues, from protecting women from sexual assault to the misappropriation of government funds. For this, he’s been threatened, harassed, and beaten up by police. More

Aki-Sawyerr, Yvonne.jpg

Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr ›

Following the end of the vicious, decade-long civil war in Sierra Leone, Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr for years has helped former child soldiers, displaced women and children rebuild their lives. Then she joined the fight against Ebola. More

Fatorma, Abdul.jpg

Abdul Fatorma ›

Abdul Fatorma is a Sierra Leone human rights activist who challenges the financial accountability of his government. The government’s response has been to threaten, harass and arrest him. Fatorma continues to fight. More


Melron Nicol-Wilson ›

Melron Nicol-Wilson, a Sierra Leone attorney, represents people who cannot afford legal counsel. Despite threats to his career and even his life, Nicol-Wilson has remained true to his cause. Many of the causes for which he's been a staunch advocate in Sierra Leone have been taken up by the majority. More


Billy Sankoh ›

Sierra Leone Army Doctor Billy Sankoh was one of the first physicians to work at the country’s new Ebola Treatment Center. The Ebola virus was raging throughout the country, and Sankoh oversaw hundreds of dying patients, including his fellow doctors. Every day, Sankoh risked his life. More

Jonathan Leigh.png

Jonathan Leigh ›

Outspoken Sierra Leonean journalist Jonathan Leigh continually risks arrest and imprisonment by the government as a result of his editorials. In 2013-2014, he and a colleague spent a year in confinement because of an editorial questioning the integrity of President Koroma. Leigh continues to challenge the government. More

Giraffe Heroes in 2016

Naasu Fofanah.jpg

Naasu Fofanah ›

Since being raped and getting an illegal abortion as a teenager, Naasu Fofanah has fought for women’s rights in Sierra Leone. For three years as a government advisor she lobbied for a “Safe Abortion Bill” that the President refused to sign. In the end, she challenged too many traditional males and was removed from her post. More

Fofana, Umaru.jpg

Umaru Fofana ›

Umaru Fofana, a Sierra Leone journalist, covered the Ebola virus epidemic. He risked his life interviewing victims and entering areas in which the virus had spread. Despite taking precautions, each day’s undertaking was harrowing. More


David Tam-Baryoh ›

After David Tam-Baryoh challenged the transparency of a financial decision in a radio interview, the government arrested, interrogated, and imprisoned him. His radio show was canceled, he was labeled an “enemy of the State,” and he had his passport taken away. More.

Hindolo Pokawa.jpg

Hindolo Pokawa ›

Trained in social work in the US, Hindola Pokawa put aside a career there to start the Sierra Leone Foundation for a New Democracy, providing education, child care, and trainings in sustainable farming and peace-building in the poorest and most neglected villages in Sierra Leone and—ultimately— throughout Africa. More

Father Peter Konteh.jpg

Peter Konteh ›

Catholic Priest Peter Konteh risked his life to care for his fellow citizens of Sierra Leone when the Ebola virus devastated the country in 2014. Konteh has also worked to halt the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) and to build schools and educate the impoverished youth of Sierra Leone. More


Zainab Kamara ›

Zainab Kamara is a Giraffe Hero for sticking her neck out to become a powerful voice for the disabled in Sierra Leone, mobilising the physically challenged to stand up against violence, abuse, economic exploitation, and any other form of discrimination. More

Tommy 3.jpg

Ibrahim Tommy ›

31-year-old Ibrahim Tommy has fought relentlessly to secure justice for all in his homeland of Sierra Leone by leading projects promoting accountability and rule of law. Many challenges and powerful enemies haven't deterred him. More

Bah 1.jpg

Chernor Bah ›

Chernor Bah is a Giraffe Hero for his work as a global advocate for human rights and education, as a champion for the rights of girls, and for his brave work in helping combat the recent Ebola outbreak in his home country of Sierra Leone. More

Giraffe Heroes in 2015 and earlier


Vinod Khatumal

In Freetown, Sierra Leone, Vinod Khatumal manages an import/export business, but during Sierra Leone's vicious civil war, he spent much of his time and income assisting farmers displaced by the fighting. More

Dr. Komba Songu M'briwa pix.jpg

Dr. Komba Songu-M'briwa ›

For eight weeks, Dr. Komba Songu-M'briwa worked at the understaffed Hastings Ebola Treatment Centre outside Sierra Leone's capital. When he began feeling sick, he thought it might be exhaustion but on Nov. 26, 2014 he got dreadful news: He’d tested positive for Ebola. More

Greene,Andrew 2015.jpg

Andrew Greene ›

Andrew Greene has tackled the huge task of helping the people of Sierra Leone rebuild their lives and establish a society based on nonviolent cooperation, following a decade of war and violence--and now Ebola. More

60_img copy.jpg

John Bangura ›

“John, your country is on fire; your people are dying. You must do something about it!” When John Bangura heard an inner voice speak those words, the hatred in this Sierra Leone refugee’s heart was transformed from a need for vengeance into a mission of peace.Read his story

Iahmael Charles.jpg

Ishmeal Charles ›

Ishmeal Charles was 12 when gunmen raided his village and conscripted him into the Revolutionary United Front--the Sierra Leonean Rebel group notorious for using children as soldiers and labourers. This is his story. read more