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HEALING INJURED WILD LIFE #GiraffeHeroes #StickYourNeckOut Joel Rosenthal retired from his job as a biologist at the US National Institute of Health and set out to live his dream: taking care of injured wild animals. He found some land in the mountains of West Virginia and built the shelters he'd need. People began bringing him hurt creatures to care for but the State told him that was illegal. It took him five years of representing himself in the courts, all the way to a federal court, but he won his case. Point of View Farm, which is really Rosenthal, alone, is legally caring for hurt critters 24/7 365 days a year. Read his story at Like this Giraffe? LIKE this whole Page. We’re going for 100 thousand Likes.

Biblioburro | POV | PBS

Colombian grade-school teacher Luis Soriano brings books, via two hard-working donkeys, to the children of Magdalena Province’s poor and violence-ridden interior.

Join us to celebrate the 2016 #Olympics! These South American #GiraffeHeroes stuck their necks out to improve their communities. Luis Soriano is a schoolteacher in Colombia so dedicated to spreading knowledge that he packs books into his country's bandit-ridden mountains via burro, teaching kids in remote villages to read and to love learning. His "Biblioburro" is low-cost, high-risk and a huge hit with rural kids who have no other access to learning. Watch the PBS trailer:

CHALLENGING HER COUNTRY’S CUSTOMS #GiraffeHeroes #StickYourNeckOut When Jyoti Yadav's dad died, the family was in even more trouble than you may imagine. In her village, widows were shunned, looked at as bad luck. They weren't allowed to have jobs and they couldn't even remarry. Jyoti knew that wasn't right so she started knocking on doors to talk to neighbors about fair treatment for widows. People ignored the small girl and would slam those doors. Jyoti went back again and again. She also got other kids to perform street plays with her, acting out stories about widows. Some village men were so threatened, they beat the young actors up. But one by one, people began to listen. Jyoti's mom and other village widows got jobs to support their families, and Jyoti went on the road, speaking up for widows all over India. Get her full story at Like this Giraffe? Like this whole Page! We’re going for 100 thousand likes.

Join us to celebrate the 2016 #Olympics! These #GiraffeHeroes stuck their necks out in Brazil to make a difference. Meet DARRELL POSEY. Darrell is an ethnobiologist who endangered his career and his physical safety by joining forces with the Kayapó tribe of Brazil in its battle to preserve its homeland in the vanishing Amazonian rainforest. Posey was charged with sedition by the Brazilian government and was looked down upon by many of his academic colleagues. Nevertheless, Posey persisted in his activism and inspired many others around the world to defend native peoples.

STOPPING TAX DODGERS & MONEY LAUNDERERS #GiraffeHeroes #StickYourNeckOut Hervé Falciani is a wanted “criminal." A computer expert who used to work in Switzerland for the international banking giant HSBC, he found the bank's codes for illegally sheltering money from the world's tax dodgers and criminals. He called the bank on it. They fired him. And the Swiss government arrested him. He made it out of the country but was tried and convicted in absentia for "industrial espionage." Now living in Spain, a country that doesn't extradite to Switzerland, he's been blackballed by the banking industry. His new job? Helping other countries track down billions of dirty dollars that are hidden in Swiss banks, and campaigning politically against tax evaders. Get the full story at Like this Giraffe? LIKE this whole Page! We just passed 13,000 Likes—let’s go for 100 thousand.

Join us to celebrate the 2016 #Olympics! These Brazilian #GiraffeHeroes stuck their necks out to improve their communities. Meet SISTER IRMA DULCE PONTES of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. She left her life in a privileged family to become a nun and serve the poor. Pontes was physically disabled and extremely shy, but labored consistently to gain support from around the world for her hospital, orphanage, and her educational and professional programs. Thank you for Sticking Your Neck Out, Sister!

A NINE-YEAR-OLD CHALLENGES A PRESIDENT #GiraffeHeroes #StickYourNeckOut Melissa Poe of Nashville, Tennessee spends all her free time teaching people about environmental pollution. Melissa got concerned about the environment after seeing a television program about children dying of air and water pollution. She asked her mother, “Am I going to die young?” Her mother told her that if she was concerned about that, she should do something. Melissa wrote a letter to President Bush, asking him to help save the environment. When he didn’t answer right away, she decided emergency measures were in order. Melissa got a local billboard company to display her letter on a downtown billboard. It said, “Dear Mr. President. Please will you do something about pollution. I want to live till I am a 100 years old. Mr. President, if you ignore this letter we will all die of pollution.” That led to a billboard in Washington, D.C. (where the President would be more likely to see it) and 250 more billboards around the country, all donated. She also started an environmental club at school, Kids F.A.C.E. (Kids for a Clean Environment), which now has branches in 11 states and Senator Al Gore on its advisory board. In her free time, Melissa answers some of the 1,500 letters she has received from kids and teachers who have read about her crusade or seen her on TV. Update: Kids F.A.C.E is now the world's largest youth environmental organization. The organization is responsible for planting and distributing over one million trees, and created the world's largest environmental flag for the 25th anniversary of Earth Day. Melissa has traveled across the United States and as far as Brazil in her work for the environment. She stepped down as president of Kids F.A.C.E. in 1997 but continues to be on the board. Like this Giraffe? LIKE this whole Page. Giraffes should have 100 thousand Likes.

Join us to celebrate the 2016 #Olympics! These #GiraffeHeroes stuck their necks out in Brazil to make a difference. Meet MATT MOCHARY. He is a venture capitalist who stepped onto dangerous turf, the favela of Rio de Janiero, to produce a film about that impoverished community’s success against great odds. The film, FAVELA RISING, tells the story of a former drug trafficker and the Afro-reggae music he uses to attract people away from the drug trade and gang violence that run that favela. The story speaks to people in slums all over the world, and because Mochary stuck his neck out, it was told. *Fun fact: Mochary's film features two other Giraffe Heroes!*

More Giraffe Heroes


This is Sister Megan Rice, a nun for most of her 80+ years and a peace activist since the 1980s. She had been arrested more than three dozen times and had done time twice when she and two other peace activists performed what was called the most serious security breach in the history of US...


Andy Hall, a Brit, works for Finnwatch, a world-wide nonprofit that spots human abuses around the world and works to stop them. When Hall called out Thailand's National Fruit Company for the way it treats its workers, he asked to work...


This is Catherine Hamlin MD, who left her home in Australia in 1959 to provide gynecological care to poor women in Ethiopia. At 90, she's still doing that, focusing on one of the most distressing medical/social issues imaginable: obstetric fistulas.

This is an injury that women can...


This is Hanna Hopko. She braved snipers' bullets in Kiev during a citizens' uprising that brought down a corrupt government there. Now she's leading a rapidly growing citizens' movement that's doing more than rising up and demanding...


Imagine you're 11 years old and your body is twisting from scoliosis, causing you constant physical pain and making you look very different from other kids. You're scheduled for surgery to straighten your spine and your mom takes a "before" picture so you'll have a history of how you once...


Bob Bajek, a reporter on a small-town newspaper in Illinois, came up with a Big Story: the town's recreational lake, where residents fished, swam, and boated, was highly toxic--a now defunct military base had dumped Agent Orange in the water....


There were no protections for whistle-blowers in South Africa when businesswoman Wendy Addison reported her own corporate bosses for breaking the law. She was fired, got death threats, and was blacklisted, even in England, where she took her...


This is veteran environmental activist, Xiuhtezcatl Roske-Martinez. He's 12. And he's been working to save his beloved Colorado for half of his life. It started when he saw that the forest near his home was changing. Trees were dying, plants...


Allan Adam is Chief of the Athabasca Chipewyan nation, whose lands lie within Alberta, Canada. These First Nation people have formal treaty rights that protect their lands from being taken or used by outsiders, but that treaty has been...


Sangduen Chailert, known as "Lek," puts in 18-hour days caring for sick and injured elephants in a protected reserve she co-founded, the Elephant Nature Park in northern Thailand.

The dwindling elephant population is a world-wide...


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