This nonprofit honors Giraffe Heroes—compassionate risk-takers who are largely unknown, people who have the courage to stick their necks out for the common good, in the US and around the world.

When we tell their stories over social and traditional media, others are moved to stick their necks out too, helping solve significant public problems important to them. Our books, blogs, curricula, speeches and trainings help them succeed.

As long as there are Giraffe Heroes , there's hope. Telling the series of heroes may be the oldest strategy in the world for motivating people into brave, compassionate action—and it works.

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They never stop waiting for their mothers to come back. They cannot be with us because they are always 3 or 7 or 10 years old, sitting on a railway bench, or standing on a street corner. "My mother told me to wait here until she comes back." And so they wait, or they go looking but they will not find her, yet they never stop looking. [ 826 more words ] with Seema Gupta

A heart-wrenching message from new Giraffe Hero Michelle Harrison...

Ann Medlock

Thanks for the question, Carol. "In what ways are today's young feminists subjected to or liberated from the attitudes Lee encountered in her family, jobs, marriages?"

Here is Giraffe Heroes founder Ann Medlock talking with Bonnie Stinson about her new novel. How has feminism evolved since the 60s and 70s? Watch to find out. And do ask your questions on the event page: Thanks for being with us!

Virtual Book Launch Party: Outing the Mermaid with Ann Medlock

Virtual Book Launch Party: Outing the Mermaid with Ann Medlock

Join us on summer solstice! Mark your calendars for June 20th. We're throwing a virtual party, hosted by author Ann Medlock, to celebrate the launch of her book, Outing the Mermaid: A Novel of Love, Fear & Misogyny. It's a journey through the 60s and 70s, civil rights, feminism, Vietnam, the Beatles, astrology, and New York City. So, grab a friend and a cocktail -- and let's party! *Meet renowned author & activist Ann Medlock. *Play games to win amazing literary & feminist door prizes. *Celebrate the achievements of feminism, past & present! At 4:00 PM PST, we'll go live. Please share pictures of yourself & your summer solstice celebrations! Can't wait to meet you and welcome you to the party. #outingthemermaid #booklaunch #amreading #summersolstice

Join us on Facebook Live at 4p PST! We are so excited for Giraffe Heroes founder Ann Medlock, who has recently published a novel about feminism & civil rights in the 60s and 70s. Come ask your questions! Tune in between 4p - 6p PST as Ann discusses her book, the writer's process, and how #GiraffeHeroes influenced the novel. See you soon!

#GiraffeHeroes #StickYourNeckOut Elsa Hart, a gems expert in New York City, spent over $20,000 of her own money and years of her time advising Apaches on how to mine and market stones from their reservation's gemstone mine. The Apaches had been royally ripped off by dishonest middlemen before Hart became their advisor and champion.

A CHAMPION FOR THE WOMEN OF INDIA #GiraffeHeroes #StickYourNeckOut Lalitha Sampathi is fighting history, culture, and rampant misogyny to champion the women of India. Sampathi says that 465 million Indian women live in fear of domestic abuse, rape, and a judicial system that has ignored them. She founded the Indian Women's Organization to teach women to fight for themselves. An example of her work: a teen-aged girl was raped in Thungahurthy and, by custom, a wealthy man of the village was to settle the matter quietly, out of court. Sampathi and her team entered the matter, and the rapist was instead arrested and sent to prison. Over 150 rapists and men who have killed women have been arrested because of Sampathi's work.

BECAUSE KIDS ARE IN PAIN #GiraffeHeroes #StickYourNeckOut Zachary Rice was just nine when a rare disease caused one of his hips to disintegrate. Surgeons gave him an "external fixator," that had metal rods through the hip, his femur, and his stomach. Every move was agony, and he was unable to leave his hospital bed. His dad brought him a video game to distract him and Zachary reports, "I screamed much less from pain, which was really great for the doctors, nurses, and other patients." Thinking about those other patients, Zachary decided to raise money to buy video games for them with "Action for Distraction 5K"–a charity run. Despite his own pain, he's raised over $75,000 for his cause, and his own condition has improved enough that he can limp across the finish line himself.

A GIRAFFE HERO IN TWO NATIONS #GiraffeHeroes #StickYourNeckOut Janet Jones Preston has been a force in Seattle schools for decades, going way above and beyond her jobs in the system to find and support kids who were struggling with trauma or poverty. Then there's the Monroe Correctional Complex, where she's earned the title of honorary grandmother to men whose lives have gone way off the rails, a grandmother who shows up regularly, with tough love and fierce support. Aaannd when she visited her son in Ghana, she saw that kids in the village where he was living didn't have a school. So she built one. Now, 260 kids in Kasoa, Ghana are getting an education because an American "grandmother" saw to it.

SWEDISH GIRAFFE HERO RUNS FOR GLOBAL TRUST #GiraffeHeroes #StickYourNeckOut The world is too full of suspicion and mistrust, says Katrina Paltén. A champion distance runner, Paltén decided to run, alone, in nations where such a thing seemed to everyone she knew way too dangerous: Iran, Turkey, and Turkmenistan. People in those countries would surely run over her or arrest her. It couldn't possibly turn out well. Paltén set out to prove their mistrust wrong. And she did: all along the 1,144 miles she ran, people gave her shelter, and thanked her for coming. She did have to put on more clothing in the heat of Iran, despite the blasting heat, but then the security guards who had insisted, let her proceed. Families took her in for meals and to rest. Policemen shared their tea with her. There's now a painting in Paltén's Stockholm home, given to her by women along the run, in gratitude for her trust.

A LIFELONG GIRAFFE NOW OPERATING IN INDIA #GiraffeHeroes #StickYourNeckOut New Giraffe Hero Michelle Harrison's life has been a template for courageous service. A psychiatrist, a family practitioner, a longtime champion of women and children, she's now the founder and on-the-spot director of a home for disabled girls in Kolkata, India. Despite being warned that her idea would never work, her Shisur Sevay rescues kids with no futures, girls who are orphaned or unwanted by families who can't or won't care for them. Nearby families don't allow their kids to play with the girls from Shisur Sevay. People look away when Harrison's girls are out on field trips. Despite all, under Harrison's wing, they are nurtured, educated, and assured that there's a place for them in the world.

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