25 Reasons to Support Us

1. You see yourself as a citizen, not a consumer.

2. You believe involved citizens are important to a healthy society.

3. You know that stories stick in hearts and minds and can become templates for action.

4. You want kids to model their lives on real heroes, not pop celebrities.

5. You like having those role models for your own life.

6. You like that the Project is a global movement, inspiring people all over the world to solve tough public problems.

7. You think schools should teach character & civic engagement as well as the 3 Rs.

8. You want more kids to be in the Giraffe Heroes Program.

9. You enjoy getting a hit of Giraffe spirit in the monthly Heads Up e-zine.

10. You send Heads Up & “www.giraffe.org” to your friends.

11. You wish more people would get involved in their communities.

12. You need some sparks of light & warmth as the weather turns dark and cold.

13. You forget how many times you’ve wished the world would be a better place.

14. You want real heroes to be recognized and honored.

15. You remember a personal hero who helped shape your own life.

16. You agree that there’s a Giraffe in everyone just waiting to get out.

17. You know it’s not true that humans are irredeemably bad.

18. You value Giraffe’s outreach to thousands through its emails, OpEds, speeches, trainings, books, curricula, workshops & website.

19. You would like “giraffe” to become a verb.

20. You recognize great work when you see it & Giraffe does great work.

21. You expect Giraffe to be visible and influential online.

22. You appreciate Giraffe’s respectful use of your every dollar.

23. You understand that Giraffe runs on a tight budget but can’t run on air.

24. You hope that the Giraffe Project keeps roariing ahead,, enCouraging today’s heroes and training tomorrow’s.


25. You are a totally, utterly great person.