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Stick Your Neck Out — A Street-Smart Guide to Creating Change in Your Community and Beyond



We've heard from many quarters that one of the things kids need most now is hope. We looked at our Giraffe Heroes Project files, bulging with stories of "Giraffe Heroes"— people from an array of ages, locations and backgrounds who are plunging into every imaginable problem and getting positive...


THE GIRAFFE HEROES KIT gives you all you need to guide 8-to-14-year-olds through well-tested steps for ~

  • learning about real heroes,
  • finding real heroes in their own world and
  • becoming heroes themselves as they create and carry out a community service...

We have just a few of these sweatshirts left (all in small and medium sizes) and we’re not reprinting them..

The logo on them was designed for us by legendary graphic designer, Milton Glaser and if you don't know who he is, see...


These colorful peel-and-stick stickers end up on just about everything, from schoolbooks to bikes. They've all got that "Stick Your Neck Out" Giraffe motif, but the clever designers at Giraffe HQ also threw in a few with the phrase "Nobis Est." A couple of your bright kids will find out soon...


Kids absolutely love these buttons! And they are a great way to reward kids for completing a Giraffe program in class or for sticking their necks out to help solve a problem that concerns them in their school or beyond.

10 for $5 (sold in sets of ten)


These high-quality T-shirts are half cotton, half polyester and last forever. They come in a variety of sizes for both kids and adults. Kids love them because they're a symbol of working to become Giraffe Heroes—people who care about their school, their community and beyond. Buy them for the...