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We move people to help solve tough public problems by telling them the inspiring stories of "Giraffe Heroes"—real people sticking their necks out to tackle environmental challenges, corruption, assaults on minorities and women, hunger, gang violence and much more. Our trainings, books and blogs help activists and would-be activists succeed. Will you be one of them?.

Our schools’ programs move kids from kindergarten through high school to be courageous, compassionate and responsible members of their communities and nation. We've reached hundreds of thousands of kids in communities all over the world.

But if too many of us keep our heads in the sand, the problems don’t get solved and we are left with empty complaints. Policies have to change, but governments are not going to do that without strong pushes from brave, energized, informed and aware citizens. The Giraffe Heroes Project creates these pushes. But we can't do it without your help.

Help us inspire thousands more people to take action on the public problems that test our times—and give them tools to succeed.

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Guidestar is another gold-plated reference:

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