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Giraffe Project Speakers

Giraffe Project speakers will be a great fit for your next annual meeting, conference, seminar, awards dinner—you name it.

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Giraffe coaching

Giraffe workshops, blogs and coaching materials help people turn their ideas and ideals into successful action. Most of it is downloadable for free from this website

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Giraffe materials for kids, schools and youth programs

Since 1991 the Giraffe Heroes Project has been a premier developer of programs in service-learning and civic engagement for kids aged 4 thru 18. Materials for small children and for younger teens are free downloads from this page. And there's a whole special section just or kids.

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Giraffe E-zine: Heads Up

Here's the latest collection of inspiring Giraffe Hero stories.

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The Giraffe Database of Heroes

Explore the full collection of the stories of these remarkable people. Free to download and share.




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