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  • EnCouraging Today’s Heroes / Training Tomorrow’s

This nonprofit honors Giraffe Heroes—compassionate risk-takers who are largely unknown, people who have the courage to stick their necks out for the common good, in the US and around the world.

When we tell their stories over social and traditional media, others are moved to stick their necks out too, helping solve significant public problems important to them. Our books, blogs, curricula, speeches and trainings help them succeed.

As long as there are Giraffe Heroes , there's hope. Telling the series of heroes may be the oldest strategy in the world for motivating people into brave, compassionate action—and it works.

We offer you here—

Here's a short video of Giraffe Heroes' stories to give you a taste of the power of the inspiration they provide—inspiration the Giraffe Heroes Project has been sending across the world since 1984,


You believe in real heroes, right? Like the ones who inspired YOU?

So keep us going so we can inspire (and offer training) to thousands more people, sending them into action on the public problems that test our times.

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The Giraffe Heroes Project is an Accredited Charity of the Better Business Bureau. The Project meets all 20 of the BBB's strict Standards for Charity Accountability.

Guidestar is another solid gold reference.

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Giraffe Heroes

BECAUSE TAXPAYERS' MONEY MATTERS #GiraffeHeroes #StickYourNeckOut Bunnatine Greenhouse knows her numbers. She earned a magna cum laude in mathematics and she’s got decades of experience in analyzing and overseeing the contracting and procurement operations of government agencies. In 1997 she took charge of the US Army Corps of Engineers’ contracts with private businesses, at home and abroad. The dollars on the table run in the billions, and they all come from US taxpayers. So when Greenhouse saw that during our military operations in Bosnia the dollars were moving repeatedly—without competitive bidding and in suspiciously high amounts—to one company, she challenged those contracts. Her protests were ignored by Army brass. When the same company began getting huge non-competitive contracts during the buildup to the attack on Iraq, Greenhouse challenged again and found herself removed from the decision-making process. Her persistent efforts to go through channels to stop the abuses earned her a demotion in rank, a negative fitness report, and an invitation to retire. Greenhouse was not silenced; she hired an attorney and began a battle that made it known that not only is Bunnatine Greenhouse getting a raw deal, so are millions of American taxpayers. She formally requested that the Department of the Army launch an independent investigation of the huge, non-competitive contracts. The Army retaliated by removing Greenhouse from all contracting operations, allowing those operations to continue without her oversight—and her objections. Federal law says that government business must be conducted in a manner that is impartial, non-preferential and above reproach. Ms. Greenhouse is a public servant who takes that directive seriously. Moved from her comfortable Pentagon office into a tiny cubicle there, Bunnatine Greenhouse told us the only thing she put on that cubicle wall was her commendation as a Giraffe Hero. Like this Giraffe? LIKE this Page. Giraffes should have 10,000 Likes.

"See something--say something" doesn't apply if you're a government employee who sees something wrong with the way taxpayers' dollars are being spent. And says something. Again and again, the fix is in, and the truth-teller is punished for seeing the crime and saying it must stop.

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