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For those readers who are not from the country, Sierra Leone is a small country on the bulge of West Africa. It’s a potentially rich country, but it’s been impoverished first, by a brutal eleven-year civil war that ended in 2002—think child soldiers and Blood Diamonds. The war killed thousands of people and decimated the country's already shaky infrastructure.

As if that wasn’t enough—in 2014-15 Sierra Leone was hard hit by the Ebola epidemic that killed thousands and left many more people discouraged, apathetic and fearfu

In addition to financial resources, Sierra Leone needs a lot of inspiration, hope and guidance.

Giraffe Heroes Sierra Leone (GH-SL),an NGO launched in 2011, helps the citizens of Sierra Leone provide all three.

GH-SL uses both traditional and social media to tell Sierra Leoneans the stories of their own heroes working for peace and combating disease. These stories inspire many more people to act with courage and persistence to advance their country's future by helping solve problems such as poverty, corruption and political violence.

GH-SL is an independent, Sierra Leonean-run affiliate of Giraffe Heroes International, an American NGO started in 1982. GHI Director John Graham spent eight days in the country in May, 2011 and came away impressed not just with the enormous tasks of governance and development at hand, but also with the longing of the people he met—from political leaders in Freetown to war victims in small camps upcountry—to heal the country's wounds and restart development work.

Everywhere in Sierra Leone, billboards proclaim “Na wi country,” which is translated not just as “This is our country” but “This is OUR country.” The signs are symbols of a national pride rooted in the common good and a positive vision of the future that just might finally produce the stability and well-being that have long been promised but never delivered.

GH-SL was launched in collaboration with the B-Gifted Foundation, led by Andrew Greene, which focuses on war victims, women's issues and the environment. As the devastation of Ebola eased, GH-SL began honoring its first Giraffe Heroes in 2015 (see below).

Do you know the story of a Sierra Leonean man, woman or youth who is “sticking her or his neck out” to make a difference for their country?

If you do, contact GH-SL Director Ibrahim Kamara. His numbers are:

Tel:# 00232 - 78 - 361752; 00232 - 33 - 361752;

00232 - 77 - 361752


John Graham at war victims camp, Makeni, Sierra Leone. To compound the misery here, Makeni has been at the epicenter of the recent Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone.


A Welcome from the Director

Success Ibrahim Sei Kamara is my name and I’m the Country Director for Giraffe Heroes Sierra Leone (GHSL). Before my appointment, I worked as communications and development Officer at the B-Gifted Foundation SL and the Gondobay Manga Foundation. I hold a B.A Hons in Mass Communications from Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone and a number of certificates and recognitions in the journalism field, where I’ve made active contributions on key social issues including Ebola and gender-based violence. You can find a fuller account of my background here.

The mission of GHSL is to find and tell the stories of people who “stick their necks” out to make Sierra Leone a better place and to give then tools to succeed. When we broadcast these stories over traditional and social media, other citizens are inspired to take action too. This story-telling strategy is simple—but it’s worked in every culture for thousands of years. and it works here too.

Most of the Giraffe Heroes GHSL honors are social, democratic and economic rights activists. All are standing up against injustice, backwardness, and utter violations of people’s rights. All are doing something positive for the community. You can read their stories below.

We have just started. There are many more Giraffe Heroes in Sierra Leone, working bravely to combat the effects of war, poverty, corruption and Ebola. Now their stories need to be told to the nation so they can inspire all of us to renew our hope and inspire us to step forward to help meet the severe challenges our country faces.

Help GHSL find these “silent heroes” who have contributed so much and who can inspire present and future generations through their work.

Do you know of a fellow Sierra Leonean—man or woman, young or old, from any tribal, economic, political, social, religious or professional background, who is acting bravely to help solve one of our country’s pressing problems? Those problems, well known to all of us, include poverty, poor infrastructure, mismanagement, corruption, arrant violations of democratic tenets and the mammoth challenges in almost every sphere of the country’s economy.

If you do, email the information to me at Success Ibrahim Sei Kamara ‘’ or on skype “successilicious22231”

Giraffe Heroes Sierra Leone, as all other Giraffe Heroes programs around the globe, will not take sides with any one political party or ethnic group. Rather, it will find and celebrate the work of those citizens whose lives rise above party, ethnicity and class—people whose work is dedicated to the betterment of the lives of all the people in the country, from all parties and all groups.d.

As nominations for more Giraffe Heroes are received, a broad-based bench of citizens will select which candidates fully meet the main criterion for being a Giraffe Hero—spirited action that serves the common good. Those candidates selected as Giraffe Heroes will have their stories told throughout the nation in newspapers and magazines and on the web, and over television, radio and social media. Each story will end with a call for more nominations.

As GHSL grows and more and more Sierra Leoneans learn about it, we will initiate training and mentoring programs in civic action, including a curriculum helping young people from elementary through university age gain the inspiration and skills to build lives as brave and kind-hearted citizens.

Every effort will be made to convince our country’s leaders that Giraffe Heroes Sierra Leone serves them as well as the entire country. It is in the interest of all political parties to support Giraffe Heroes Sierra Leone as a powerful means for harnessing the problem-solving ideals and efforts of every citizen.

Thanks for getting in touch!

Ibrahim Success Kamara, Director

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Giraffe Hero Chernor Bah continues to lead efforts to promote girls and young women in Sierra Leone. In October 2017, he launched "Purposeful Production"—’ a non-profit movement-building hub for adolescent girls in the global south. The charity focuses on three strategic areas to support girls and their allies to radically remake the world: insights and influencing; convening and micro-grants; and media and communications.

Bah’s work is both global and local. In Sierra Leone, through his organization, he brings activities together into one integrated strategy, creating a ground-swell of girls who can access and imagine new opportunities for themselves and their communities.

On February 11, 2020, Chernor Bah spoke at the United Nations, making an informed case on behalf of girls and young women in Sierra Leone, and asking the world to investment in girls as the heart and soul of peace building. “We need a feminist radical overthrow of power structures to create true peace" he said,. "and girls must be at the center."



Since 2018, Giraffe Hero Ishmeal Charles has founded and leads the ‘Sick Pikin Project’ to raise funds to help children with critical medical conditions. To date, Charles has helped over twenty 20 children with help coming for another 16. On December 23, 2019 two out of those 16, with support from the Ministry of Health and Sanitation and a few individuals donors, traveled to India for medical treatment. Charles continues to stick his neck out to seek funding for helpless, sick and impoverished children and babies.

‘It's another day and we are still in the fight to make the difference”, Charles said on his Facebook page in January, 2020. “These babies needs us. We are not gonna let them down by God's grace. Love will continue to be the ONLY reason why we will do this again and again. Thank you to our tireless volunteers and our kind and friendly donors.”

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Giraffe Hero Ibrahim Tommy is leading a a group of Ebola survivors who have filed suit against the government of Sierra Leone, seeking redress for violation of citizens’ rights to life and health as a result of the Government’s mismanagement of Ebola funds meant to address the May 2014 Ebola outbreak which claimed the lives of thousands and left many more with ineradicable health challenges. The suit claims that: “The government “failed to adhere to relevant accounting and procurement controls which led to the loss of one-third of the available resources, and was responsible for a greater number of deaths from Ebola than would otherwise have occurred.”



Giraffe Hero Mohamed Osman Kamara, an albino living in Sierra Leone and Founder of Sierra Leone Association for Persons with Albinism (SLAPWA) is leading to organizes a ‘Mr and Miss Albinism Talent Show 2019’ to showcase the beauty and talent of Persons living with Albinism in Sierra Leone . This event is geared towards creating a social change for inclusion, advocating for rights of persons with Albinism in Sierra Leone and raising awareness on the ills of discrimination against them.

Giraffe Heroes in Sierra Leone


Aminata Kamara

Aminata Kamara designs and facilitates programmes for girls and young women in Sierra Leone. In 2018, while working for the activist organization, Purposeful, Kamara was part of the team who stood against a government decision banning pregnant girls from attending school. She was verbally attacked by government officials, religious bodies, and the general public, but she never stopped her activism, and the ban was eventually lifted in 2020. More


Chernoh Alpha M Bah

Chernoh Alpha M Bah has fought for the rights of the oppressed in Sierra Leone and elsewhere ever since he was a teenager. He has exposed corruption,, founded and led organizations that publicize wrongdoing, and written books and given speeches about government misfeasance. He's been arrested, jailed, exiled, and threatened with lawsuits even as he lives in the United States. Nonetheless, he continues. More


Haja Marie Bob Kandeh

Starting out as a vendor at a Freetown street market, Haja Marie Bob Kandeh soon became Secretary of the Market Committee, helping women negotiate both business and family issues. She co-founded the Sierra Leone Market Women Association and since then has become a champion for women’s rights. Because of her activism against forced marriages and domestic violence, Kandeh continually risks being attacked by men who oppose such views. More


Neneh Rugiatu Turay Koroma

Neneh Rugiatu Turay Koroma is a Sierra Leonean women’s rights activist who speaks out against female genital mutilation (FGM). She is the founder of the Amazonian Initiative Movement, an organization that fights FGM as well as addressing issues such as rape, child marriage, and teenage pregnancy. Despite harassment from the government and numerous death threats, Koroma continues supporting the education and empowerment of women. More

Nicky Spencer.png

Nicky Spencer-Coker

Gender activist Nicky Spencer-Coker fights for the rights of women and girls in Sierra Leone. Spencer-Coker, a practicing barrister and solicitor of the High Court of Sierra Leone, currently serves as General Secretary of the General Legal Council, responsible for the regulation of the legal profession in Sierra Leone. Spencer-Coker faces many challenges but she persists in pushing for the education and justice of marginalized people in her community. More

Marian Kargbo 2.JPG

Marian Pleasant Kargbo

Marian Pleasant Kargbo is a young Sierra Leonean who founded the Pleasant Children’s Foundation, focusing on providing education and resources for children, especially vulnerable children whose parents cannot send them to school due to financial constraints and children who have been sexually abused, forced into early marriage or raped. Despite the hostility greeting some of her stances, Kargbo resolves to strengthen young people, particularly girls.. More

Pearce, Lara Taylor.jpg

Lara Taylor-Pearce

Lara Taylor-Pearce is the current Auditor General of Sierra Leone and has more than 29 years of experience in public and private financial and administrative management. She has won many awards for helping change Sierra Leone’s public-sector accountability landscape, and she has battled government officials who have attacked her for telling the truth about various audits over the years. More


Miatta Maria Samba

Justice Miatta Maria Samba is a judge of the Court of Appeal in Sierra Leone. She is a strong crusader for human rights and gender equality, and an equally strong crusader against corruption. Because of her efforts, Samba has faced many threats, but has never allowed any extraneous factors to influence her judgment. In 2020, she was nominated by Sierra Leone to be a judge on the International Criminal Court (ICC) for 2021-2030. More

Reginald Cole.jpg

Reginald Cole

Reginald Cole is a young Sierra Leonean doctor and a Major in the Sierra Leone Armed Forces. Despite constantly risking his life in the face of infectious diseases and the poor health conditions of his country, he has continued to contribute to the health of his fellow citizens and set an example for his fellow doctors. More

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Melrose Hawa Kamara

Sierra Leonean Melrose Hawa Kamara has been disabled since the age of five. Decades ago, she founded the Grafton Orphanage to take care of children who are similarly disabled. She earns a meager income from petty trading and constantly seeks financial support. She is challenged, however, by political and cultural biases against the disabled. Hawa Kamara was also physically threatened when she attempted to acquire land for a school serving the disabled. More

Jalahan Amara Jakima.jpg

Jalahan Amara Jakima

Jalahan Amara Jakima, from Kenema, Sierra Leone, is an anti-Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) activist helping those forcefully mutilated gain access to counseling, medication, and education. Jakima has been threatened for demanding that the practice must stop and, along with her sisters, was forcefully mutilated herself because of her advocacy. But the incidence of FGM in Sierra Leone has been cut in half and a new law now calls for consent. More

Hannah Yambasu.jpg

Hannah Yambasu

Hannah Yambasu has helped thousands of Sierra Leonean women in need—women who are victims of violence and other forms of abuse, women who are underprivileged, and women who need counseling, education, access to the courts, or escape from childhood marriages. Through her organization, Women Against Violence and Exploitation Society (WAVES), Yambasu is there for them. More


Nellie Bell

Prior to the outbreak of COVID-19 in Sierra Leone, Dr. Nellie Bell worked tirelessly as the head of Ola During Children's Hospital in Freetown. On April 2, 2020, Dr. Bell tested positive for the virus. She's now recovered and is back on the front lines. Her boldness in isolating herself when she got infected and her clarion call for others to take required precautions saved lives, and her continuing efforts will save even more. More

Rashid Dumbuya.jpg

Rashid Dumbuya

Attorney Rashid Dumbuya works tirelessly on public interest litigations, including corruption and accountability issues; women’s, juveniles’, and prisoners’ rights; and press freedoms. Now he’s pushing his government to improve its responses to the coronavirus pandemic. As a result of his outspoken advocacies, Dumbuya lost his job at the country’s Human Rights Commission and he’s suffered invective and death threats on social media. More

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Joseph Ben Kaifala

Joseph Ben Kaifala is an author, lawyer, human rights activist, and founder of the Jeneba Project, providing quality education for underprivileged girls in Sierra Leone and neighboring countries. Kaifala suffers physical threats and financial challenges as a result of his advocacy. Many governments and individuals do not recognize the worth of females, and Kaifala struggles to make positive changes. More


Solomon Bangura

:Solomon Bangura is a young Sierra Leonean activist against violence, focusing on schools, gangs, and the dangers toward girls. Because of his advocacy, he has been threatened numerous times, especially by gangs. But he continues lobbying gangs, fostering school campaigns, speaking on the radio and before groups, and writing. More


Augustine Marrah

Augustine Marrah is a dedicated activist lawyer, a leading advocate for human rights and democracy, and a persistent campaigner for the rule of law. Intimidation, threats, and public shaming have not deterred him from defending and speaking up for his people. He provides free counsel for activists and consistently writes about issues affecting all Sierra Leoneans, but especially the poor. More


Murtala Kamara

Murtala Kamara is a journalist, entrepreneur and rights activist. He founded Salone Jamboree in 2009, the first Sierra Leone-owned online newspaper showcasing Sierra Leonean arts, entertainment, and social justice. Despite death threats, Kamara leads efforts toward social cohesion, fighting poverty and corruption, and rehabilitating women in prison. More

Fatmata Hanciles.jpg

Fatmata Hanciles

Fatmata Claire Carlton Hanciles is a female Sierra Leonean Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of Sierra Leone. Since her call to the Bar in 1998, Hanciles has devoted her career to promoting women’s rights, seeking justice for victims of the war in Sierra Leone and ensuring that the poor and marginalized can access justice. It has not been without risks. More

Michael Sambola.jpg

Michael Sambola

Michael Sambola is a Sierra Leonean investigative journalist and media personality whose fearless reporting exposes corrupt practices in Sierra Leone—work that has had a huge impact in the country. Sambola epitomizes objective and credible journalism, and represents the true voice of the voiceless. More

Jasmine Sheriff.jpg

Yasmin Sheriff

Yasmin Jusu Sheriff is a Sierra Leonean human rights activist, barrister, women’s rights campaigner and a radical feminist. She is one of Sierra Leone’s veteran women and children’s rights crusaders who has stuck her neck out for humanity over a period of 30 years. Her work has provided immense support to the recognition of women voices as a key part of the democratization process in Sierra Leone. More

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Basita Michael

Sierra Leone attorney Basita Michael has continually challenged the government on grounds of unconstitutionality, violations of democracy and breaches of the rule of law. She has been insulted, harassed, and threatened by the male-dominated government, but she continues to speak out . More


Andrew Lavali

Andrew Lavali founded the Institute of Governance Reform (IGR) in Sierra Leone which monitors governmental actions and challenges policies and procedures that deny citizens their rights. Lavali has encountered much harassment for his efforts, but he and the IGR continue to expose corruption and advocate for positive change. More

Joseph Sannoh.Pic1.jpg

Joseph Sannoh

Joseph Sannoh has long advocated for students’ rights, including access to quality education, enhancing learning conditions, and campaigning for the reduction of tuition fees. Some of Sannoh’s crusades have exposed government corruption in the education sector, and as a result he has been threatened, physically assaulted, and evicted from his home. More


Robinson Sesay

Robinson Sesay gave up a lucrative career in the U.S. to return to his poverty-stricken home town in Sierra Leone to empower young people to become responsible citizens. He’s been insulted, threatened, and attacked. Nonetheless, he’s helped hundreds of young people make a difference in their communities. More


Mabel Kabba

Mabel Kabba is a young, hardworking, vibrant Sierra Leonean radio journalist, who has worked her way up in an industry biased against women. She’s challenged politicians who have withheld information from her and tried to cajole or harass her.. She speaks out on behalf of poor communities and risked her life interviewing people during the Ebola crisis. More

Victor Lansana Koroma.jpg

Victor Koroma

Victor Lansana Koroma is the founder and Executive Director of Health Alert-Sierra Leone, an organization committed to helping citizens—especially women and children—obtain access to free health care products and services. Some of Koroma’s campaigns have challenged the government, and as a result, he’s been verbally attacked and received death threats. More

0_photo copy.jpg

Marcella Samba Sesay

Despite threats and assaults over 20 years, Marcella Samba Sesay continues to be a forceful voice for justice and equality for Sierra Leone’s citizens, in particular its poor and female citizens. Sesay has formed coalitions and given her own time and money to ensure that Sierra Leone’s government treats its citizens with respect and gives them the services they need. More

Joe Hindovei Pemagbi.jpg

Joe Pemagbi

Joe Pemagbi has been a fighter for social justice since 2001. As Sierra Leone Country Officer for the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA) he’s courageously taken up public interest campaigns, insisting on access to information, justice, and respect for human rights. His demands are not something many corrupt leaders appreciate. More


Edmond Abu, Jr.

Outspoken and bold, Sierra Leonean economic justice activist Edmond Abu, Jr., “speaks truth to power,” panning government political and petroleum products abuses and supporting human rights. For his efforts he’s been labeled a “security threat” and forcefully arrested by the government of Sierra Leone for demanding a decrease in fuel prices across the country. More


Mohamed Osman Kamara

Mohamed Osman Kamara, an albino living in Sierra Leone, fights to free albinos from discrimination and exclusion. His organization also teaches people about albinism and provides prevention and treatment to albinos threatened with skin cancer. Kamara has faced constant antagonism from those who see albinos as cursed, who do not believe in helping them, and in fact who do everything they can to isolate and threaten them. More


Fatou Taqi Nee Cole

Fatou Taqi Nee Cole fights for women’s rights in Sierra Leone. Despite intimidation from both the government and individuals, she advocates for female representation in government, for the prevention of gender-based violence, for the abolition of forced early marriages, and for women’s participation and leadership in communities. More


Hawa Sally Samai

Hawa Sally Samai is the founder and CEO of Advocacy Movement Network (AMNet), an NGO in Sierra Leone that promotes children’s and women’s issues, particularly the banning of female genital mutilation. Death threats, political opposition, and the consequences of challenging long-held traditions have not stopped her. More

Pa Fofanah.jpg

Pa Momo Fofanah

Pa Momo Fofanah has spent decades defending the rights of Sierra Leone citizens, particularly children—and particularly children who in the past were forced into the military; because of his efforts, the recruitment of child soldiers was eventually considered a war crime. He's been threatened with injury and death many times . More.


Francis Ben Kaifala

Lawyer Francis Ben Kaifala has been threatened, intimidated, and otherwise verbally attacked—all for demanding that the government of Sierra Leone respect human rights and the rule of law. Since he was appointed to head Sierra Leone’s “Anti-Graft Agency” in June 2018, however, Sierra Leone has dramatically reduced the incidence of corruption. More

Thomas Smith.png

Thomas Bobby Smith

Summary: Thomas Bobby Smith gave up his nice life and marriage in the US to return home to Sierra Leone to start a nonprofit that provides hope, opportunity, sustainability and education for young people in Sierra Leone suffering from poverty and hunger in the wake of a brutal civil war and Ebola outbreak. More


Justina Conteh

Justina Conteh leads an NGO that provides care and assistance to children—mostly girls—who are homeless because of, e.g., disease, sexual abuse, or abandonment. SGF provides these children with counseling, medical and legal assistance, education, and a safe place to live. Conteh is continually sexually harassed herself and has to fight traditional norms that oppress females. More


William Sao Lamin

William Sao Lamin has consistently fought corruption and ignorance in Sierra Leone. His major effort has been to force implementation of the country’s Constitution and specifically the anti-corruption recommendations of Auditor General reports.For that he's been attacked and harassed. More


Ngolo Katta

Youth in Sierra Leone have often been used as an instrument of violence by politicians during elections. Many young people have been killed, and the police have done little to stop the incidents. Ngolo Katta fights to end this practice. He's been threatened with arrest but is determined to effect change in the upcoming 2018 elections. More


Siaka Sama

Siaka Sama is a strong voice for farmers in southern Sierra Leone who for decades have been fighting the appropriation of their lands without adequate compensation by corporations eager to make a buck from lucrative export crops. When Sama and others protest, they are typically arrested and thrown in jail. See updated story: : More

Amadu  Bah.jpg

Amidu Bah

Amadu Bah is a young Sierra Leonean journalist who fights for freedom of the media and speaks up for his countrymen by exposing corruption wherever he finds it. For his efforts, he’s been attacked by unknown assailants and threatened and harassed by government officials. More


Emmerson Bockarie

Emmerson Amidu Bockarie is a Sierra Leonean Afropop singer and songwriter who has become well known in his country for lyrics that promote social change and criticize government corruption. Bockarie has been intimidated in many ways, but continues to be one of Sierra Leone’s most effective agents for change. More


Princetta Williams

Journalist Princetta Williams has reported firsthand on issues ranging from the Ebola virus, to mudslide disasters to sensitive political issues that have brought her threats and harassment . She continues to provide a platform of accurate and unbiased information. More


Valnora Edwin

For years, Valnora Edwin has tackled issues in Sierra Leone such as gender rights, children’s rights, HIV/AIDS, Ebola, mining, and elections. Opponents have threatened her life numerous times. but she continues to represent citizens, now as a member of Sierra Leone’s Civil Registration Authority. More


Amanita Massaquoi

Amanita Massaquoi is a radio broadcaster who tells the truth no matter who stands in her way. She’s risked her life reporting on violent elections in Liberia and on the Ebola disease in Sierra Leone. She’s been arrested and threatened. And she keeps going. More

Cheif Kawa.jpg

Ibrahim Kawa

Ibrahim Kabineh Kawa vigorously campaigns for the rights and welfare of the Masorian people in southern Sierra Leone. He has faced raging rivers, the Ebola virus and an uncooperative government to provide them with support, advocating for them regardless of the obstacles. More

Theophilus Gbenda.jpg

Theophilus Gbenda

Theophilus Gbenda is a radio journalist in Sierra Leone who is continually harassed and threatened for his dedication to representing his people, regardless of the political elite’s responses to his challenges. He remains a trusted source of information and advocacy in the country. More


Martha Kargbo

Martha Kargbo is a young Sierra Leonean journalist who defends freedom of the media and fearlessly calls on the government of Sierra Leone to meet the demands of its citizens. She risked her life reporting on the Ebola epidemic. More .


Yvonne Aki-Sawyer

During and after the vicious, decade-long civil war in Sierra Leone, Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr for years has helped former child soldiers, displaced women and children rebuild their lives. Then she joined the fight against Ebola. More


Sorious Samura

Sorious Samura, a Sierra Leonean journalist, risked his life to film on the front lines during his country’s long and brutal civil war. His self-funded “Cry Freetown” depicts the most brutal period of that war when Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels attacked the capital city in January 1999. More

Thomas  Dixon.jpg

Thomas Dixon

Journalist Thomas Dixon challenges corruption, abuses of power, and neglect of the poor by the powers-that-be. A radio and TV analyst, he fights for a free press and citizen access to information. His fearless efforts draw fire from both members of the public and government officials. More

Hannah Foullah.jpg

Hannah Foullah

Hannah Foullah is a Sierra Leonean broadcaster whose sacrifice for her country has put her in harm’s way countless times. Nevertheless, she's never given up taking risks to benefit her fellow citizens, including broadcasting accurate bulletins from a “pirate” radio station during Sierra Leone’s brutal civil war. More

Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai (1).jpg

Emmanuel Abdulai

Emmanuel Saffa Abulai is an attorney, a newspaper publisher, and an activist. Despite personal and professional attacks from the government and some individuals, he continues to represent besieged clients, push for laws that are more just, and advocate for policies that protect disadvantaged citizens. More


Gibril Gottor

Gibril Gottor is a Sierra Leone journalist who has continually suffered slander, threats, and arrests, as well as assaults so brutal that he has had to be hospitalized at least twice. Gottor contributes reports on the radio and in print, focusing on government corruption and military malfeasance. More


Mama Jalloh

Mamaja Jalloh (aka DJ Base) is a popular radio disc jockey in Sierra Leone who’s worked for years to make people aware of core issues, from protecting women from sexual assault to the misappropriation of government funds. For this, he’s been threatened, harassed, and beaten up by police. More

Fatorma, Abdul.jpg

Abdul Fatorma

Abdul Fatorma is a Sierra Leone human rights activist who challenges the financial accountability of his government. The government’s response has been to threaten, harass and arrest him. Fatorma continues to fight. More


Melron Nicol-Wilson

Melron Nicol-Wilson, a Sierra Leone attorney, represents people who cannot afford legal counsel. Despite threats to his career and even his life, Nicol-Wilson has remained true to his cause. Many of the causes for which he's been a staunch advocate in Sierra Leone have been taken up by the majority. More


Billy Sankoh

Sierra Leone Army Doctor Billy Sankoh was one of the first physicians to work at the country’s new Ebola Treatment Center. The Ebola virus was raging throughout the country, and Sankoh oversaw hundreds of dying patients, including his fellow doctors. Every day, Sankoh risked his life. More

Jonathan Leigh.png

Jonathan Leigh

Outspoken Sierra Leonean journalist Jonathan Leigh continually risks arrest and imprisonment by the government as a result of his editorials. In 2013-2014, he and a colleague spent a year in confinement because of an editorial questioning the integrity of President Koroma. Leigh continues to challenge the government. More

Naasu Fofanah.jpg

Naasu Fofanah

Since being raped and getting an illegal abortion as a teenager, Naasu Fofanah has fought for women’s rights in Sierra Leone. For three years as a government advisor she lobbied for a “Safe Abortion Bill” that the President refused to sign. In the end, she challenged too many traditional males and was removed from her post. More

Fofana, Umaru.jpg

Umaru Fofana

Umaru Fofana, a Sierra Leone journalist, covered the Ebola virus epidemic. He risked his life interviewing victims and entering areas in which the virus had spread. Despite taking precautions, each day’s undertaking was harrowing. More


David Tam-Baryoh

After David Tam-Baryoh challenged the transparency of a financial decision in a radio interview, the government arrested, interrogated, and imprisoned him. His radio show was canceled, he was labeled an “enemy of the State,” and he had his passport taken away. More.

Hindolo Pokawa.jpg

Hindolo Pokawa

Trained in social work in the US, Hindola Pokawa put aside a career there to start the Sierra Leone Foundation for a New Democracy, providing education, child care, and trainings in sustainable farming and peace-building in the poorest and most neglected villages in Sierra Leone and—ultimately— throughout Africa. More

Father Peter Konteh.jpg

Peter Konteh

Catholic Priest Peter Konteh risked his life to care for his fellow citizens of Sierra Leone when the Ebola virus devastated the country in 2014. Konteh has also worked to halt the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) and to build schools and educate the impoverished youth of Sierra Leone. More


Zainab Kamara

Zainab Kamara is a Giraffe Hero for sticking her neck out to become a powerful voice for the disabled in Sierra Leone, mobilising the physically challenged to stand up against violence, abuse, economic exploitation, and any other form of discrimination. More

Tommy 3.jpg

Ibrahim Tommy

31-year-old Ibrahim Tommy has fought relentlessly to secure justice for all in his homeland of Sierra Leone by leading projects promoting accountability and rule of law. Many challenges and powerful enemies haven't deterred him. More

Bah 1.jpg

Chernor Bah

Chernor Bah is a Giraffe Hero for his work as a global advocate for human rights and education, as a champion for the rights of girls, and for his brave work in helping combat the recent Ebola outbreak in his home country of Sierra Leone. More


Vinod Khatumal

In Freetown, Sierra Leone, Vinod Khatumal manages an import/export business, but during Sierra Leone's vicious civil war, he spent much of his time and income assisting farmers displaced by the fighting. More

Dr. Komba Songu M'briwa pix.jpg

Dr. Komba Songu-M'briwa

For eight weeks, Dr. Komba Songu-M'briwa worked at the understaffed Hastings Ebola Treatment Centre outside Sierra Leone's capital. When he began feeling sick, he thought it might be exhaustion but on Nov. 26, 2014 he got dreadful news: He’d tested positive for Ebola. More

Greene,Andrew 2015.jpg

Andrew Greene

Andrew Greene has tackled the huge task of helping the people of Sierra Leone rebuild their lives and establish a society based on nonviolent cooperation, following a decade of war and violence--and now Ebola. More

60_img copy.jpg

John Bangura

“John, your country is on fire; your people are dying. You must do something about it!” When John Bangura heard an inner voice speak those words, the hatred in this Sierra Leone refugee’s heart was transformed from a need for vengeance into a mission of peace.Read his story

Iahmael Charles.jpg

Ishmeal Charles

Ishmeal Charles was 12 when gunmen raided his village and conscripted him into the Revolutionary United Front--the Sierra Leonean Rebel group notorious for using children as soldiers and labourers. This is his story. read more