Matilda Jones


Summary: Matilda Jones is a fighter for Albino rights, a media personality, and a human rights activist who advances the rights and dignity of people living with albinism in Sierra Leone.

Profile: Matilda Jones is the founder and Executive Director of the Matilda Jones Foundation; the foundation's core mission is the promotion of human rights, particularly the advancement and development of people living with albinism in Sierra Leone. She continues to fight against discrimination and for the dignity and health of people with

disabilities, whose rights have never been guaranteed. She has challenged government officials on such matters.

As a result of her efforts, Jones has at times faced persecution in rural communities. Meeting with Albinos, she was once threatened with being kidnapped. She also struggles to raise funds for her foundation. And she continues to face language barriers when she goes into the provinces. Most of the people living in the provinces can barely speak krio, which is the official lingua franca of Sierra Leone.

Matilda is a Media and Communications Professional with double Bachelor degrees in Mass Communication and Law. She decided to pursue law more specifically to litigate cases against the discrimination of people living with disabilities. She will be a candidate this year at the Sierra Leone Law School in order to practice law in Sierra Leone. Matilda Jones inspires other Sierra Leoneans to do more to serve humanity.