Evaluation of results for 526 students

Analysis of student surveys and teacher assessments in five states in 2008 showed:

22 Teachers and youth leaders using the Giraffe Heroes Program (Voices of Hope) described it as having positive impacts on student abilities to read, and on student attitudes and behavior in and out of the classroom.

Analysis of 526 student surveys yielded statistically significant results such as these:

  • There is a dramatic shift in student perceptions of “heroes.” Pre-use, students focused on celebrities in sports, movies and music. Post-use, they named many more community members as well as historical figures such as Dr. King and Eleanor Roosevelt.
  • Students were asked to describe situations in which they might “stick their own necks out” to help some other person or a cause they believed in. Pre-use, students, on average, described two such situations. Post-use, that number almost doubled.
  • Considering pollution, hunger, poverty and drug abuse as community problems—pre-use, 62% of students agreed or strongly agreed that they could make a difference on such problems. Post-use, that number increased to 90%.