Stan Tall & Bea Tall proudly present our free K-2 curriculum

Stanley & Beatrice Tall, twin spokesgiraffes for the K-2 Giraffe Heroes Program, proudly announce that the humans at the Giraffe Project have completed the job of updating our classroom-tested curriculum for the very young.

Lesson plans, stories, videos, audio tracks, handouts, correlations to standards, links to resources—they’re all waiting for K-2 teachers to download.


We’re giving you a story-based, experiential, service-learning, character education program, one that’s enchanted children in every state in the US and in English-speaking schools around the world.

The proven pedagogy is

Hear the Story,

Tell the Story.

BE the story.

Nobody does it better than Stan & Bea!

Our thanks to the Kalliopeia Foundation for funding this enormous undertaking, and to Marisa Vitiello for handling the re-design and the gnarly tech problems of helping Stan & Bea stay tech savvy.

If you’re a middle school teacher, the Giraffe program for young teens is already online.

It’s free too.

Because we want all teachers to have this material whether they have funding for classroom materials or not.

It’s all yours!

Fill out my online form.