The Giraffe Heroes Kit

For classrooms and after-school programs

In this Kit, you’ll find everything you need to guide 8-to-14-year-olds through well tested steps for:

  • learning about real heroes,
  • finding real heroes in their own world and
  • becoming heroes themselves as they create and carry out a community service project.

Join hundreds of other teachers, and get started now!

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Your kit includes:

  • Teacher's guide with ready-to-use lesson plans
  • DVD with classroom handouts and letters home
  • Videos of real Giraffe Heroes' stories and examples of kids' community service projects to inspire your classroom
  • Deck of Giraffe Hero "trading cards"
  • 101 short scripts about Giraffe Heroes
  • Sheet of beautiful Giraffe Hero stickers
  • Bag of "Stick Your Neck Out" campaign buttons

Remember that our searchable database of real heroes is always free!