Abdikadir Aden Hassan (Garrisa)

Abdikadir Aden Hassan is a young Kenya environmentalist and a peace Ambassador. At the age of 26 years he has made a significant contribution to the protection and sustainable management of the environment.

He is a young leader who has exhibited a big change for his society with a big passion for his community, committed and dedicated to every step he makes in giving back to his people as a youth volunteer.

Coming from an arid and semi-arid region that has over decades been adversely affected by change in climate and an area marred by insecurity which makes it very difficult to conserve the environment, Abdikadir has demonstrated courage and dedication.

He spends his time engaging the young people to protect the environment at the same time in creation of self-employment through identification of green jobs such as agro-forestry nurseries and through capacity building trainings.

For the 8 years he has been involved in environmental conservation, Abdikadir has risked his life several times to an extent of being killed just because of his environmental cause.