Elizabeth Jerotich Kipsang

Elizabeth Jerotich Kipsang has done a lot in a place where women are considered in little regard. When one of her neighbours was about to be killed by her violent husband, Elizabeth was the only person who had the courage to highly risk her life and go to that home and save the life of the wife. Today, that lady is alive because of the exceptional courage of Elizabeth.

Besides being a courageous woman, in a world where mentorship is lacking, Elizabeth has selflessly given her time and wisdom and proved herself as a worthy mentor to so many young people in her community. Being a humble Sunday school teacher since 1980 up to date, she has natured many young children who have grown up to become useful people in the society.

As if this is not enough, Elizabeth is a volunteer for orphaned and vulnerable children in her community. She works hard to fundraise for them so that they can grow happily and be productive people in the society.