Francis Warui (Nandi South)

Francis Warui is the OCPD for Kobujoi in Nandi South. He has been of great help to the people of Nandi South by improving the security of the place which has been very much wanting. He has helped manage and reduce significantly the cattle rustling that have caused a lot of suffering to the people of Nandi South . For Francis, his job is more than just a job- it is a calling and he does it from his heart.

He has helped so many families get back their stolen herds which is their source of livelihood.

His courage, dedication and commitment is exceptional. When you give Warui a distress call, regardless of the time, distance or weather, he personally responds immediately. More important, Warui never asks the distressed callers to fuel his car and he never says there is no means of transport neither does he ask for a bribe in order to help. Warui is such a role model for many of our police officers.