Geoffrey Kinuthia Chege (Nairobi)

Geoffrey Kinuthia Chege is 22 years old and at that tender age, he is already a very passionate young ambassador of positive change. He has been working to give hope to the hopeless. After high school, due to his passion to help the less fortunate, Geoffrey started visiting children homes to help then with cleaning and playing around with the kids and he also would organize friends to volunteer and donate the little they have to give to the homes. Ever since, he has been organizing and encouraging his friends to skip at least a meal a day and buy lunch to the street families.

Geoffrey has identified himself with the street children. He goes and sits with then and give then hope and encouragement. Early this year, though a student himself, he took a street kid who was willing to go back to school to a school in Naivasha and he was enrolled in class five. Unfortunately the kid got into bad company and left school after four months.

In addition, he recently mobilized friends and together visited Meru Women prison where he donated 1000 Sanitary pads to the inmates.