George Kamau Kiiru (Ndaragwa - Nyahururu)

Despite having been born with a physical disability, George Kamau Kiiru has indeed proved to many that disability is not inability. For a very long time he worked as a forest officer- having to climb up the trees to prune them- in spite of his physical challenge. While in the forestry, he developed passion for planting trees and conserving the environment. And in his small farm in Ndaragwa Constituency, he started educating local farmers on the importance of planting trees in their farms and stop depending and destroying the Government forests.

He trained the farmers on how to make tree nurseries and later how to plant the trees in their gardens in an Agroforestry way using his own piece of land as an example hence earning the name ‘Miti Mingi’. Not to mention that he even used to give his tree seedlings to his community members for free as an encouragement. Through his efforts, thousands of trees have been planted in his locality.

Miti Mingi has continued to inspire many to conserve the environment by planting the correct type of trees. He invites people to visit his small farm and learn how to grow food not just for their consumption but also enough to empower themselves economically.