Joseph Kimaiyo Towett (Nakuru)

Joseph Kimaiyo Towett Initiated Ogiek Lands and livelihood program in 1988 and has kept the promise and the struggle to date. He led his community in filing and successfully prosecuting the first historic case leading to the historic landmark judgment of 17 March, 2014 and court decree on 7 May ,2014.

Joseph has kept the Mau forest debate for the last 24 years. Today the Ogiek are known all over the world. He transformed Ogiek village voices to National and International voices. For over twenty years Joseph have kept the Mau Forest Complex debate alive. Presently the Mau Forest complex is getting sufficient attention from major and minor stakeholders. By keeping the forest dwellers and dependants debate alive, there have been change of legislation and institutional reforms which impact the lives of many marginalized people positively.

Given the difficult and risky atmosphere and environment that he worked in for so long, it’s not been easy rebuilding his life. But most important the majority of the Ogieks who depend on the survival and protection of Mau ecosystem can enjoy the fruits.