Mary Simalo Simat (Narok)

Mary Simat, out of her passion for her Maasai community, left her teaching career without any other pay job to champion for the rights of women and girls in her community. She selflessly embarked on helping to enlighten and empower women to stop harmful practices like FGM & early marriages and encouraged them be involved in development issues. Her fighting for the rights of women and girls earned her the title ‘dangerous woman’.

In a country full of corruption, greed and selfishness, Mary Simat has proved to be a woman of high integrity; she did one of the most unimaginable things in Kenya- she surrendered the title deed of a 10ha piece of land, that had been acquired illegally, back to the government- this cost her marriage and she has been separated with the husband in the back street of Narok where at times she struggles to pay her rent. But Mary believed in doing what is right and was ready to face the consequences.