The Free K-2 Guide to Help You Meet Curriculum Standards Easily

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In every K-2 classroom, teachers face an evolving dual challenge.

How can I keep kids consistently engaged? And how can I meet established curriculum standards?

Most pre-packaged lesson plans are designed for only one field of study: math worksheets are used once, and tossed. It is more efficient, and more engaging, to bring a thematic lesson plan that covers multiple curricula and lasts more than a single week.


Teachers, this is not news to you! But it’s very difficult to find prepared, high-quality, long-term, cross-curricular lesson plans (that also meet curriculum standards!) -- to keep a group of squirrelly K-2 kids engaged.

The creation of this epic thematic lesson plan generally falls to YOU, and eats up YOUR free time.

Teachers, please meet your new best friends: Stan & Bea Tall, twin giraffes who learn how to “stick their necks out” for the common good.

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With this free curriculum, students go through three stages: HEAR THE STORY, TELL THE STORY, and finally BECOME THE STORY as they follow along with Stan & Bea Tall and meet real, everyday “Giraffe Heroes.”

The free 300 page K-2 curriculum kit provides you with enough materials to engage students for an entire year. You’ll discover grade-appropriate stories, lesson plan outlines (language arts, social studies, science & math, art), various student and teacher templates (plus adorable letters from Stan & Bea Tall!), audio tracks, multimedia reflection ideas, and seven “Neck Bone” projects to help kids become Giraffe Heroes in their own community.

Example: Language Arts

• Students use Giraffe stories as their reading materials in Stage I.

• They prepare and deliver oral reports throughout the program.

• They discuss, lobby and choose issues in Stage III.

• They research their issues in Stage III.

• They’ve written letters as part of their service projects in Stage III.

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Need more proof? Check out field reports and evaluations from satisfied teachers:

  • "There is a dramatic shift in student perceptions of “heroes.” Pre-use, students focused on celebrities in sports, movies and music. Post-use, they named many more community members as well as historical figures such as Dr. King and Eleanor Roosevelt."
  • "Students were asked to describe situations in which they might “stick their own necks out” to help some other person or a cause they believed in. Pre-use, students, on average, described two such situations. Post-use, that number almost doubled."
  • "Considering pollution, hunger, poverty and drug abuse as community problems—pre-use, 62% of students agreed or strongly agreed that they could make a difference on such problems. Post-use, that number increased to 90%."

Teachers, you work hard enough. Invite Stan & Bea Tall into your classroom, and let the free Giraffe Heroes K-2 Guide help! [Download]

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[Get some stickers: "EnCouraging tomorrow's heroes."]

[Meet new Giraffe Hero, teenager Yadav Jyoti of India]