David Ndegwa Kingori (Nakuru)

With selfless passion, David has demonstrated his strong commitment to realizing a green environment. He started up the initiative back in the year 2004, using his own funds to buy and plant tree seedlings as well as finance the related logistics. After years of individual effort, he mobilized group membership and organized the official launch of ‘Keep Nakuru County Green Initiative’ on November, 2013. To date, the group has planted about 3400 trees on various places in Nakuru.

Along with tree planting, David also leads the efforts to reuse waste material. He currently leads a waste recycling project that makes organic manure for use in organic gardening. He uses the project to demonstrate the recycling process, train and encourage people to adopt healthy, organic food consumption.

David has braved the difficulties along the way including financial challenges and limited support to pursue this noble endeavour.