Promise Muleya Simwinde

Promise Muleya is the co-founder of the Promise Foundation Austria (PFAU), which he established, with the objective of helping disadvantaged, but academically gifted children. His program has helped over 180 children in his hometown Binga to access primary school education through PFAU sponsorship.

Binga District is one of the outposts of Zimbabwe that is underdeveloped, with limited social services and poor roads, especially during the rainy season. It is also one of the sparsely populated districts of the country. Politicians shun this area and development is very limited. It is also found in an arid, dry area with mostly indigenous people occupying it.

The foundation has successfully spearheaded the construction of a solar powered borehole pump to ensure clean and affordable water for the school and community at large through a Michaela Baschny donation. Promise believes that “with a sustainable water system, permaculture gardens and green islands can be set up around the school as a source of food through the school kitchen concept and a living laboratory for learning pivotal skills in agriculture for the children and the community at large.”

Promise holds a BSc honors degree in Natural Resources Management and Agriculture (Agronomy) from Midlands State University in Gweru, a MSc in Physical Land Resources (Soil Science) from Ghent University in Belgium and is currently a PhD candidate based at the University of Zimbabwe researching on “Integrating Strategic Design, Appropriate Management Practices, and Traditional Knowledge To Assist Farmers In Zimbabwe To Better Manage Climate-Related Risks.”

He says he wants to continue to work to explore climate change and environmental preservation issues from a different perspective and to acquire funds to further develop and expand the community the programs he is working on. He believes that he can influence other young people in various communities to build water systems that are sustainable and improve food security in rural communities. He hopes inspire other young Africans that despite challenges, the vicious cycle of poverty can be broken.’